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Happy New Year and welcome 2016!!

Back in November I had the pleasure of meeting the entire Kessinger family at their home in Isle of Wight. I had met Megan back when I had my baby girl in July. She works in the women’s center at Obici and she took the best care of our newborn baby. She told me then she wanted to have me photograph her family sometime as she had seen my work before. I couldn’t wait.

So after planning and deciding their home would make the perfect location, I couldn’t wait to meet her whole family. She has two beautiful twin girls and her husband is a fire fighter in Suffolk with mine.  They were so much fun to work with! Her girls were very funny and so silly. They all got to snuggle on the couch and tell secrets. They read books together up in their loft and the girls showed me their room. Then we went outside and had fun on the porch and enjoyed the beautiful rural landscape as the sun was sinking down. The girls even got to enjoy playing on their swing set.

Best of all, several weeks later the Kessinger family found out that they would be welcoming a new member in 2016. They didn’t know this exciting news at the time of our session, but this baby is going to love being a part of this sweet family. Thank you all for welcoming me into your home and showing me the love and fun you all share. Congratulations on your exciting news and I cannot wait to meet baby Kessinger!

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