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Meet Dana

Hi there, I'm Dana. I used to think I was passionate. I was passionate about dance, the environment. Things I thought were important, and they are. But that was before I became a mom. Motherhood. That is my passion. It is my mission work. It is what I pride myself most and judge myself most harshly. I pray the hardest that I won't let God down. That I'll raise these babies the way he wants them raised. So that one day they will make the world a better place. That they will spread kindness and grace and love. Motherhood is an overwhelming responsibility but it brings such joy when we can slow down and grasp the joy that is the task we've been blessed with. I desire to capture that joy. Joy in the little moments.

One of my favorite times of the day is when Daddy gets home in the morning after working 24 hours at the fire station. For our family its at least 5 minutes of screams and pure joy. It is just a normal almost everyday thing, but it brings a smile to my face thinking of their, my family's happiness. I love finding the joy in the little things amidst all the chaos.

What's your favorite everyday moment my friend? Life can get crazy and busy and it can often be hard to slow down. I love taking the time to capture your life exactly how it is at during that exact chapter. The days and weeks can seem long, but the years do fly by. So let's celebrate the chaos that can be raising a family and laugh.