Tallaksen Maternity Session | Norfolk Botanical Gardens

I know a lot of photographers probably have a list of locations they dream of photographing. I don’t have a list per say, but I do have a location or two locally that I’ve hoped to use.  The Norfolk Botanical Gardens is definitely one of them.  When Brandy and I were brainstorming about locations this one came up. Brandy and Chris love to visit the gardens and even went their on their first date. It was decided it would be the perfect setting for their maternity session.  They even bought a membership to bring their baby girl once she is born.

Brandy and I have known each other for 16 years now. Gosh it’s so hard to believe that. We met in college when we were both pledges for Pi Beta Phi. Although since college we haven’t kept in close touch, we have social media as a way to keep up with where life has taken us. And we will always be Pi Phi sisters, which I never dreamed would be such a bond post-college. I’ve loved seeing Brandy and Chris’s photos of their adventures over seas when Chris was stationed there.

It’s now time for their next adventure, becoming parents.  I’m so excited for them and their baby girl is so blessed already. They expressed that they are both nervous and excited. I assured them that that is the way all good first time parents feel. When you become parents though you find what your family rhythm is and what works for you all. I could give them all the advice in the world for what has worked for my family, but they will know and learn what works for them.

Brandy and Chris congratulations on becoming parents. I cannot wait to meet your sweet little girl when she arrives. And thank you so much for honoring me by allowing me to capture this special and amazing capture in your lives.

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