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This past year was such a good year for my business. I started off the beginning of last year with a prayer. I gave it all to God. I asked Him for guidance with my business. I had begun to feel like I wasn’t sure where I was going. So I prayed that He would let me know if I should continue on or give it up, step back, and just do it for fun, not as a business. Ya’ll I’m telling you just two days later I was given the opportunity to serve Elevate Church through photography. I mean when God wants to speak to you and has something to say sometimes He really makes it clear.

So I said yes. If that was His plan I would serve and let Him take it from there. But man did He bless me. I got to work with so many wonderful families this past year. I had taken on the Bethadilly 365 challenge and I felt like I grew so much through picking up my camera daily. I decided to rebrand my business and had my logo and website updated. And I feel like I really found my style.

I know I still have so much to learn and so much room to grow. But I feel like I found a groove, or at least a beginning of one. And this is after being in business for 4 years already.

So with all this said, I feel like I need to take a little break. I know that sounds crazy after all that. Just to be clear, I’m not taking a break from my business!! Just social media. I want to break my bad habits of being on my phone. I want to start by going dark for Lent which starts tomorrow and ends at Easter. After that I want to be better about my habits. I have the Moment app that helps me keep track of my screen time, but I feel like I need to break the cycle to start fresh. I seriously feel like I was such a better mom and wife, a better person before my smart phone. So I want to basically give that up.

I’ll still check my e-mail so please if you need to get a hold of me to book a session or need to contact me for business, you can certainly reach me that way.

Thank you so much for everyone who has supported and encouraged me this past year. All of your likes, comments, messages, they have all meant so much. To everyone that booked a session this past year, thank you!!!

I’ll still keep up with the Bethadilly 52 week challenge, but I’ll only post a photo on Sunday. Other than that I’m signing off until Easter. I can’t wait to take in more sweet moments like these:


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