Waterside District Norfolk, VA | Canyon Dance Session

Dance sessions have become some of my favorite sessions to photograph. I love getting to work with dancers and create beautiful photos showing off their technique and talent. Combining my love of dance and photography is so fulfilling and I love any opportunity I get to capture the beauty of dance in photographs.

I’ve known Canyon for several years now. She dances at Maureen’s School of Dance, the studio where I teach. It’s always a joy to watch dancers grow up and mature in their technique and love of dance. I met up with Canyon and her mom at the Waterside District in Norfolk, VA last year. It was a busy summer evening, but the weather was wonderful and we even got lucky and a beautiful sailboat passed by while we were shooting.

I truly appreciate the trust that my dancers place in me. I ask them to hold poses or repeat leaps, turns, and jumps over and over to get the best shots and angles. It’s funny how much being a dance teacher and photographer parallel. My dance students, well any dancers really, know that when their teacher or choreographer says one more time they never mean it. Haha. It’s true. We always mean at least two or more times, until we are satisfied or run out of time. But it is always worth it in the dance world and the world of photography.

Thank you Canyon for allowing me to capture your beauty and grace and talent. I look forward to watching you continue to grow as a dancer and young woman.

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