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May brings flowers and Mother’s Day. A day to celebrate all the moms, mother-in-laws, mom like figures, expecting moms, basically anyone who fills the roll of mom. It is with total confidence that I can say photo sessions are most important to moms. So without a doubt, we plan photo sessions for the mamas. Last year the Hodges and Stuckey families gathered together at Windsor Castle Park in Smithfield for some extended family photos.

I’m so thankful that moms insist, and most of the time they do (even with some bribing), on getting their family together to document their lives. Moms want photos of their families. They want to document their families as they grow and change. They want prints to hang on their wall and show off to their friends and family. These photos will be enjoyed hanging on the wall and displayed in their homes and for generations to come. They love to give them as gifts and use for Christmas cards.

It saddens me that often sessions take place and unfortunately a family member is lost before updated photos can be taken again. I don’t want to sound depressing or dramatic, but I have had several families that were so thankful that they took the time to have their family photos taken, because they did loose a loved one and those photos were the last ones they had of everyone together. It breaks my heart for them, but I am so honored that I was able to capture those priceless memories for them.

During this time of uncertainty in our world, I’m so thankful for all the families I’ve had the honor to photograph and for all of our own family photos. We’ve taken time to have photos taken with both sides of our families. So although having family photos may not be your idea of the most fun, do it. It’s so worth it for your family and do it for the mamas. It’ll mean the world to them.

Thank you to the Hodges and Stuckey family for allowing me to capture some precious memories for you families. It know with so many family members it can be crazy and silly, but it’s worth it and it’s fun. So thank you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

My little assistant! 🙂 She wanted to take photos too.

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