Fresh 48 Session Suffolk, VA | Carr Family

Two weeks ago the Carr family welcomed another sweet boy into their family. Baby Noah arrived in a memorable way and gave his parents quite a story to tell. Thankfully everyone is safe and happy and healthy. The Carr family allowed me to visit them at Obici hospital in Suffolk, VA for a Fresh 48 session.

This is now my second time documenting these precious first moments for a new family. I love how every family has their own unique personalities and dynamics. It’s beautiful to see how they interact and bond with a new baby. Baby Noah will definitely not lack for any love or attention from his family. The youngest grandson of 6 boys, he definitely won’t lack for any playmates either.

Thomas-Steele and Haley are the founders of the church we call home, Elevate. I am so thankful that they had the vision and courage to start this church several years ago. I love being able to serve every week through photography and getting to document so many wonderful moments in our church. It is truly a blessing to me and I love being able to use my skill to bless the church.

Big brother Elijah was pretty nervous leading up to the arrival of his little brother. Seeing him with Baby Noah in the hospital though, it was clear he was in love already. He was already wanting to hold him and even worrying over him when he cried or fussed. I know he is going to make an amazing big brother. He’ll get to teach his little side-kick everything he knows. They’ll definitely be a Batman and Robin pair.

Thank you so much Carr family for allowing me to capture these beautiful moments of your family welcoming it’s newest member. I am truly honored and we are so excited for Baby Noah to be here. Congratulations to your wonderful family!

Baby swaddle, hat, nursing gown and matching robe, matching daddy and son shirts made by Squirrels and Twirls.

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